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Retract a copyright takedown that you’ve received on Facebook or Instagram

If an image in your post on Facebook or Instagram has been subject to a a copyright takedown, you may qualify for a retraction. The best way is to obtain a license to use the offending photo for use on social. Once the license is obtained, you may contact us in order to reverse the takedown. Takedown reversals take 1-3 business days. After obtaining a license to post these photos on social media, we will also whitelist your account to avoid future copyright takedowns, while you continue to have a valid license.

To reverse the copyright takedown:

  1. Download Picx on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Subscribe to a monthly or annual plan
  3. Contact us at to notify us that you have subscribed. Please include:
    1. Your Name
    2. Email address used to sign up
    3. Takedown ID from Facebook/Instagram or a link to the post
    4. Facebook or Instagram page name(s)

If you believe you have a valid license to use the offending photo, please contact us at