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This is a big problem.
Even the biggest names are suffering

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LeBron James settling suit with photographer over misuse of photo on social media

After a year of litigation and one very annoyed judge, LeBron James and photographer Stephen Mitchell are settling their copyright infringement lawsuit.

Dua Lipa Sued (Again) for Posting Paparazzi Photos of Herself to Instagram

Dua Lipa is being sued for posting paparazzi photos of herself to Instagram for the second time in a year.

Billboard · Chris Eggertsen · Jun 22
Miley Cyrus Sued for Copyright Infringement Over Instagram Post

Pop star Miley Cyrus is facing a copyright infringement suit over an Instagram post of a picture of herself that she doesn’t have the rights to use.

BLaw · Sep 12
Dua Lipa, Jennifer Hudson and Other Celebrities Sued by Paparazzi

Now that the famous are no longer holed up in their manses, the paparazzi are on the prowl -- and not only with cameras. · Christopher Yasiejko · Oct 15, 2021
Kim Kardashian is the Latest Celeb to Be Sued for Posting an Unlicensed Photo of Herself on Instagram

Kim Kardashian and her shapewear venture SKIMS are on the receiving end of a new copyright infringement lawsuit. According to the complaint that Saeed Bolden filed in a New York federal court on Wednesday, Kardashian is on the hook for her...

The Fashion Law · TFL · Jan 23, 2020
Deshaun Watson sued for allegedly using copyrighted photos on Instagram

A local photographer has sued Deshaun Watson for using his photographs on Instagram...

Chron · Shelby Stewart · Sep 16, 2020